IV Hydration

IV Hydration Infusions are simple treatments that deliver fluids directly into the bloodstream through a small IV inserted into your arm.  These fluids can contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants to  promote your overall health and wellness.  IV Hydration Infusions have been known to support a healthy immune system, promote healthy skin, and improve hydration.  The right balance of vitamins and minerals can also improve energy levels. 

All infusions reconstituted in 500 ml 0.9% Normal Saline. Upgrade to 1 Liter for extra charge. Add-on's available for nausea & pain.  The infusion process takes approx. 45 min-1 hr

IV Infusions

*Glacial Waters - replenish & rehydrate your body $120 

*Big Sky Boost - kickstart your metabolism & increase your energy $140

*Flathead Lake Defense - super charge your immune system to keep your body healthy & strong $140

*Treasure State Recharge - get a boost to help you recover from illness $160

*Mission Mountain Performance - get your body ready for peak physical performance $160

Add On's 

*Toradol - Pain Relief/Anti-Inflammatory $25 

*Zofran - nausea relief $25 

*Extra 500 mL Normal Saline $40

~Save money - Package deals available!  Great for groups or parties, or just a gift for yourself! Ask your technician! 

To learn more or schedule an appointment contact Tabitha Normandeau at (406) 250-7897 or Dr. Sherry at (406) 552-9516.